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Dolphin Deep (Chillout)
July 22, 2014 12:13 PM PDT
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Time for another mix in the Wez G chillout series. It’s a beaming hot summer and it’s always nice to get some fresh, sunny tunes to while away the time… This mix goes a little more four-four than usual and might be a post-sunset Cafe Del Mar session… It’s (dolphin) deep and funky and quite acoustic… I enjoyed it, especially going more full-flow towards the end… :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. World Of Intros -Vietnam Intro (Reporter Mix) [Butcher Music] 2. 9 In Common -Action & Reaction (Original Mix) [Seamless Recordings] 3. James Solid - Underwater Rain (Original Mix) [Solid Fabric Recordings] 4. Puremusic - Unsaid (Original Mix) [Silk Sofa Music] 5. Oniris, Pat Brooks - The Rebirth (Blissed Out Mix) [Bedrock Records] 6. Rodg - Into Nothing (Original Mix) [Body Condition] 7. Rodg - Life Is Life (Chill Mix) [Body Condition] 8. The Grid - Floatation (Prins Thomas Miks) [Klik Records] 9. Club Des Belugas - Welcome to Brazil (Papa Cobana Hiphop Soccer Remix) [ChinChin Records] 10. Seconds - Another Day (Lexx Remix) [Klik Records] 11. Agnostica - Wildcat (Original Version) [Audiokult] 12. Chuva Speaks Arab - Airplanes (Name Surname Mix) [Hotfingers] 13. Ian Tosel - Lookin At You (Original Mix) [Prison Entertainment] 14. Gorkiz, Close Enough - Stars (Lou Van Remix) [Sleazy Deep] 15. Framewerk - Electric Religion (Original Mix) [Prison Entertainment] 16. Max Lyazgin, JazzyFunk - Element of Life (Ed's Dream) (Original Mix) [Deepalma] 17. Loui & Scibi - Your Love Feat. Nuwella (Ian Tosel Remix) [Milk & Sugar] 18. WhoMadeWho - Heads Above (Original Mix) [Darup Associates] 19. London Grammar - Hey Now (Sasha Remix) [Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd] 20. M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade - Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Interstellar Mix) [Deepalma] http://djwezg.com/dj-mix-066-dolphin-deep-chillout
Head Alchemy
February 08, 2014 01:24 AM PST
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I felt like a bit of a change, a bit of an up-tempo feel to the mix to warm those toes in the murky winter weather… I’d recently put together a nice acid house feeling dub for a Brazilian vocalist to work on and wanted to fit it into the mix… It is Hacienda style Acid House… This mix flows from Acid House to techno and back down to Acid… I wanted to bang it up to full-on Adam Beyer style techno and add in some Goa Trance but unfortunately couldn’t get the tempo geared up that high in 80 minutes… Some nice Laurent Garnier tracks thrown in and he has been a big influence on me as a DJ – I’ve never seen anyone at all demonstrate crowd control on a dancefloor like he does… He’s like an operatic conductor and his versatility and range of music in his sets is astonishing… I started off in the scene listening to a lot of techno and playing it so I guess this mix is taking me back full circle… 1. Wez G – Brasil Acid (Dub) [White] 2. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash (Original Mix) [Transmat] 3. Irregular Synth, Andrea Frisina - Dub City (Lutzenkirchen Remix) [Gate Null Recordings] 4. The Japanese Popstars - Heavy Hitter (Sharooz Remix) [Bedrock Records] 5. Paul Ritch - Run Baby Run (Original Mix) [Drumcode] 6. Gabriel D'Or, Bordoy - Kepler 69 (Original Mix) [MKT rec] 7. Soulik - Enjoy This Trip (Original Mix) [Audio Elite] 8. Möd3rn - Mö 3 (Original Mix) [Mod3rn] 9. Scan X - Midnight (Laurent Garnier Edit) [WTF! Music] 10. 04LM - Tragicaller (Original Mix) [Soma Records] 11. Gayle San - The Porter (Original Mix) [H-Productions] 12. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Grillen im Park (Dreher & Sm.art Remix) [DJ Series] 13. Mark Henning - Blackout (Original Mix) [Soma Records] 14. Syco – Danaka [Oxygen Music Works] 15. Laurent Garnier - Jacques In The Box (Chicago Bordelo Remix) [Ed Banger Records / Because Music] 16. Dax J - Spotlights (Original Mix) [Unknown Territory]
Remote Desert Runway
January 16, 2014 09:50 AM PST
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Lost in the sky, traversing the globe, a record box in the baggage hold high above you; an air steward whinges about the weight of your records and forces you to shift your hand luggage to a safer place. While you're getting a ticking off from some jumped up trolley dolly the moved weight of a damn heavy UDG bag tilts the plane and the pilot comes running down the aisle and gives the jumped up service shark a good telling off, as by shifting the DJ's luggage, he has tilted the plane off course.... All we can hope for now is an emergency landing patch to develop.... deep in the desert the pilot spots a Remote Desert Runway and all are safe and sound as the plane touches down back onto Mother Earth. (Gaia) 1. Bent - Comin Back (Serge Santiago Dub) [Open] 2. Wave Crushers - Gettin' Funky (Deepwerk's Spoken Word Edit) [Aux Audio] 3. Bonobo - Eyesdown (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth] 4. Inner City, Kevin Saunderson - Big Fun (Zoo Brazil Remix) [KMS Records] 5. Feu d'Or - Chasin Joe (Jody Wisternoff Remix) [Compiled & Mixed] 6. Dirt Crew, Miky Talarico - Use Your Room (Original Mix) [Takos Records] 7. Andre Crom - Hanging On (Original Mix) [Teenage Mutants Off Recordings] 8. DJ Kira, Syberia - Karin (Maurizio Patti Remix) [Big Mama's House Records] 9. Elekfantz - Diggin' On You (Original Mix) [D.O.C.] 10. LouLou Players, Kolombo - Touch Ur Body (Original Mix) [Bunny Tiger] 11. Nora En Pure - Come With Me (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes] 12. Sharam Jey, Night Talk - Gonna Get You (Original Mix) [Bunny Tiger] 13. Stefano Amalfi, Robbie Groove - Dirty (Original Mix) [Sound Division] 14. Mark Lower - The Way That I Feel (Original Mix) [Nurvous Records] 15. Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth] http://djwezg.com/dj-mix-064-remote-desert-runway
Floating Thoughts
September 25, 2013 11:45 AM PDT
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Blissful thinking, a mind of changing images, this floaty deep house and bassy mix will have your head bouncing around as it whisks you on a journey of the freshest house cuts. I've aimed for funk and groove, perfect for an early night dance floor to get you in the mood for a party. :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Justine - Be Sexy (House Mix) [UMM] 2. Josh Butler - Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix / Pleasurekraft Edit) [Kraftek] 3. Hauswerks - Worth the Wait (Original Mix) [Moda Black] 4. Gui Boratto - We Can Go (Original Mix) [Kompakt] 5. Mario Basanov, Miss Bee - Just Think About (Mario's Dub Mix) [Darkbeat Recordings] 6. Aqob - All Moving Over the Earth (Dischords Remix) [Renaissance Recordings] 7. SuSoul - Cosmic Theater (Pete Herbert Remix) [Blue Dye] 8. Maya Jane Coles - Easier to Hide (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME] 9. Kellerkind - Tristesse (Original Mix) [KNM] 10. Doomwork - All About (Original Mix) [Renaissance Recordings] 11. Ben Delay - Keepin It (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom Records] 12. Catz 'n Dogz - They Frontin' feat. Monty Luke (Original Mix) [Darkbeat Recordings] 13. Jack Priest - Get On Up And Dance (While The Record Spins) (Original Mix) [Cajual Records] 14. Maetrik - Walk Alone (Maceo Plex Revenge Mix) [Ellum Audio] 15. Hector Couto, Roberto Palmero - Waxes And Romances (Original Mix) [NM2 (Noir Music 2)] 16. Todd Terje, Lindstrom - Lanzarote (Original Mix) [Olsen Records] http://djwezg.com/dj-mix-063-floating-thoughts
Holiday Romance
August 28, 2013 09:01 AM PDT
We've all been there, cosied up with a nice partner on a holiday of a lifetime, be it a beach, a nice foreign city, or just camping in the forest, a holiday romance is always memorable. I was having a dig on Beatport for some of the finest of this summer's chillout beats for this mix and as I spun the tunes, I felt they had a soft romantic love theme predominant... I managed to include one of the productions from my new Megman Vs Wez G project which I hope you enjoy. There's some nice numbers here and the mix builds from around 90bpm up to some housier 120bpm at the finale. Hopefully the set will give you fond memories of your Holiday Romance. :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Mojo Rising - On The Horizon (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 2. DJ Trax, Becki Biggins - Soul Travelling (Original Mix) [Audio Buffet] 3. Poldoore - Nothing Left To Say (Remix) [Cold Busted] 4. Akshin Alizadeh - Good Bye (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 5. Anna Miracles, Victima - Mysterious Letter (Dub Mix) [Astrolabe Recordings] 6. 80s Casual - El Mariachi (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 7. Astro Raph - We Believe (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 8. Martinez - Lavender Mist (Digital Only) (Luna City Express Downbeat Remix) [Moon Harbour Recordings] 9. Rodg - Jacqueline (Chill Mix) [Body Condition] 10. Martin Brodin - On The Island (Original Mix) [Cr2 Records] 11. Megman Vs Wez G - On Safari [Shuffle Records] 12. Soty, R.I.B. - Meditation (Original Mix) [Easy Summer] 13. Sunfriends - Sand Sharks (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes] 14. Outboxx - Back to Phalon (Original Mix) [Music For Dreams] 15. Karen Souza - Get Lucky (Original Mix) [Music Brokers] 16. I Am Sam, Unclubbed, Zoe Durrant - Need To Feel Loved (Original Mix) [New State Music] 17. Novika - Miss Mood (Satin Jackets Remix) [Hed Kandi Records] 18. Baraka, Moonwalk - Free from Your Love feat. Baraka (Original Mix) [Kontor Records] 19. Paul Mad - Believe in Love (Original Mix) [Kontor Records] 20. Teenage Mutants - Dignity (Original Mix) [Embassy One] Check out my latest acoustic electronica chill project http://MegmanVsWezG.com
Punky Funky
February 25, 2013 07:49 AM PST
Electronic dance music enthusiasts are the modern day punks. Electronic music represents youth culture and the stuff top DJs hammer out in wild night clubs to glammed up audiences is about as punky as it's gotten since the seventies. This funked up mix covers vocals through to driving funky basslines and I hope it keeps you as punky funky as the monkey. 1. Pool - Flex (Aeroplane Remix) [2DIY4] 2. Buckley - Back To The Tower Feat. Ives St. Ange (Original Mix) [Hot Waves] 3. Leave the Boy - Eerie Eerie (Jack Fell Down Remix) [Southern Fried Records] 4. Ejeca - Hi Rollin (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth] 5. Marc Poppcke - Inner Conflict (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth] 6. Hunter_Game - An Angel (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth] 7. Fred Everything - Circles One (Original Mix) [Drumpoet Community] 8. Human Life, Anabel Englund - Falling (Original Mix) [Hot Waves] 9. Steve Huerta - Take Me Closer (Urulu's 'Too Close' Mix) [Amadeus Records] 10. Metro - Brownstone Express (Original Mix) [Rush Hour] 11. Sharam Jey, Night Talk - Can You Do It (Original Mix) [Suara] 12. Touch & Go - Gotta Have U (Original Mix) [Mena Music] 13. 16 Bit Lolitas - All I Want Is You (Original Mix) [Bits And Pieces] 14. Sasha, Donatello, Knox, Kastis Torrau, Arnas D - Smoke Cone (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth] 15. Exercise One & Mathew Jonson - Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd (Original Mix) [Balance Music]
Phoenix Rising
November 16, 2012 10:29 PM PST
The phoenix is a mythical sacred fire bird. It is described as a bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It has also been described as looking like a giant, firey peacock. It has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self. In some stories, the new phoenix embalms the ashes of its old self in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis (literally "sun-city" in Greek). I feel, with this the biggest break in the podcast, like a phoenix rising from the flames... I've been away locked in mental hospitals for the past few months and it hasn't been fun.... just been keen to get back and get on top of my music.... This mix is a bit rusty but a nice start back with lots of fresh vocals and some flaming hot tunes. 1. My Favorite Robot - The Liability Within (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth] 2. Tom Demac, Silverclub - Throat Trip (Tiger Stripes Remix) [Cr2 Records] 3. Hot Chip - How Do You Do? (Todd Terje remix) [Domino] 4. Luca C & Brigante - Flash of Light feat. Roisin Murphy (Solomun Mix) [Southern Fried Records] 5. Him_Self_Her - Gone Too Long (Original Mix) [Cream Couture Records] 6. Miguel Campbell - Not That Kind Of Girl (Original Mix) [Hot Creations] 7. Alex Q - Bauchgefuehl (Original Mix) [Ostwind Records] 8. Tomas Barfod, Nina Kinert - Till We Die (Blond:ish Remix) [Get Physical Music] 9. Paul C - Family Affair (Nick Curly Remix) [AMA Recordings] 10. BareSkin - Eyes (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] 11. Moonwalk - Girl For You (Original Mix) [Mexa Records] 12. Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song (Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut) [Nocturnal Groove] 13. Hot Chip - Flutes (Sasha Remix) [Last Night On Earth] 14. Candi Staton, Director's Cut, Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper - Hallelujah Anyway (Director's Cut Signature Praise) [Defected]
Sizzling Summer
June 11, 2012 04:48 AM PDT
Well - Summer is finally here... We had a steaming hot end of May and into June, jubilee weekend was pretty horrible but let's hope that this year proves hot... Lots of barbecues and beach trips. I'll be off to the best surfing beach, here in Wales, Llangenith Sands, on the Gower Peninsula, as often as possible... Of course, in the hot weather we need some decent chilling vibes and Sizzling Summer lays down some nice laidback grooves to accompany whatever you choose to do in the heat. Relax and Enjoy! :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Alexander Metzger - Atomic Intro (Radio Activity Mix) [Butcher Music] 2. Max Sedgley - Slowly Featuring Z Starr (Original Mix) [Pyramide] 3. The Diventa Project - Bang Bang (Lazy Hammock Chillout Mix) [GR8 AL Music] 4. Chic Flowerz - Hotel California (Chillout Mix) [Chic Flowerz Digitalic] 5. Twentyeight - Monday Night (Original Version) [S2G Productions] 6. Chris Coco - Holiday (Wez G Asleep On My Sofa Remix) [White] 7. Twentyeight - The Beginning (Original Version) [S2G Productions] 8. Kavinsky - Nightcall (Original Mix) [Record Makers] 9. 9 In Common - Jealous (Original Mix) [Seamless Recordings] 10. Chymera - Swim Away (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] 11. Will Wilson - Magnetic Island (Original Mix) [Mistique Emotion] 12. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Schwindelig (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] 13. Lux - Lost in the Universe (Original Mix) [Chic Flowerz Digitalic] 14. Jane Maximova - Stop Time (Original Mix) [Bonzai Elemental] 15. Chymera - The Chase (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] 16. Essay - Morning Mountain feat. Rhian Sheehan (Original Mix) [Glyph Recordings] 17. Soul-Def - Summer Funk (Original Mix) [Marcus Knight Presents] 18. Douze Feat. Lo Galbo - We Got The Love (Original Mix) [Hed Kandi] 19. 351 Lake Shore Drive - Just Arrived (Original Mix) [GR8 AL Music] 20. DJSaint - Souls (Harold-Alexis Remix) [Silk Sofa Music] 21. N'to - The Sand Dealer (Original Mix) [Form] 22. Slimmie - I Love (Original Mix) [Ultrasonic]
Sexy Disco Machines
June 05, 2012 05:00 AM PDT
There's been a bit of a delay in getting this latest mix together as I've been busy enhancing the Wez G studio, spending over £4000 on it in the past month... I've been learning how to use all the new gadgets and this has sidetracked me from doing DJ mixes... Anyway, back with a bang and this funky mix spans from nice modern disco funk beats through to heavy hitting techno, not forgetting the awesome Justine - Be Sexy from 1992 which I burned from vinyl... I'm hoping my new kit will produce some future bangers for your aural pleasure and I'll be hard at work, creating... Meanwhile, sink your teeth into 'Sexy Disco Machines'. :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Kris Menace, Stars On 33 - Keep On Dancing (Original Mix) [Eskimo] 2. Finnebassen - If You Only Knew (Original Mix) [Electronique Digital] 3. RipTide - Sophie (Original Mix) [Eskimo] 4. Jaded, James Petrou - Toni's Pain (INXEC's Morphine Mashup) [BEEF Records] 5. Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) [Nurvous Records] 6. Bubba Knox, Ghosting Season - A Muffled Sound Of Voices (Jamie Funk Remix) [Last Night On Earth] 7. Alexis Raphael - Into The Light (Original Mix) [Hot Creations] 8. Shenoda - Chasing Clouds (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] 9. Motor - Messed Up (Original Mix) [CLR] 10. Cari Lekebusch - Unite (Joseph Capriati Remix) [H-Productions] 11. Justine - Be Sexy (Sexy Vocal Mix) [UMM] 12. Heartik - Morodisco (Broombeck Remix) [Agile Encodings] 13. Pig & Dan, Mark Reeve, Dean Demanuele - Machines (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records] 14. Alex Leger - Iron Fly (Original Mix) [Tracer Records] 15. Mr. Wise - Stupid (The Drunkers Stupid Remix) [Hamburg Aufnahmen] 16. Phunk Investigation, Schuhmacher - From The Dust (Original Mix) [1605] 17. Microtrauma - Reflection (Original Mix) [Traum] http://soundcloud.com/wezg/wez-g-sexy-disco-machines-dj http://djwezg.com/djset58sexydiscomachines.html :::BEATPORT CHART::: http://www.beatport.com/chart/sexy-disco-machines/81254
Forefathers Of Funk
April 22, 2012 02:19 PM PDT
Well - It's been a busy week... My new Native Instruments Maschine turned up and I've been busy learning that - the aim is to develop my digital DJing to incorporate Maschine eventually and it should certainly revolutionise the Wez G production methods also... Apart from that I've been busy researching on ancestry dot com and managed to trace my lineage back to James I of Scotland... It's an amazing and addictive fun site - well worth a go... Back on Beatport and all the decent tracks were hiding away in the Indie Dance / Nudisco section. My style seems to migrate departments there all the time. We have a variety of funky disco numbers, a shift away from the progginess of the last Alien Abduction mix. I now proudly present to you: Forefathers Of Funk - Enjoy! 1. Leo Perez - Colors (Original Mix) [Half Seas Over] 2. Honom - Sebastians Birthday (Original Mix) [Toolroom Records] 3. Kris Menace - Falling Star (Original Mix) [Compuphonic] 4. Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (Original Mix) [Smalltown Supersound (Phonofile)] 5. Kraak & Smaak - Runnin' (Original Mix) [Jalapeno Records] 6. Audision - Yellow Sunset (Robag's Stoylago Edit) [KNM] 7. Martin Roth - Beautiful Life (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep] 8. The Mekanism - Can't Believe (Original Mix) [Needwant] 9. H-Foundation - Tonight (Wolf + Lamb Remix) [Soma Records] 10. Maceo Plex - Frisky (Original) [Crosstown Rebels] 11. Supernova - Cassandra (Original Mix) [Defected] 12. Osunlade - Envision (Argy Vocal Mix) [Defected] 13. Volta Bureau - Alley Cat (Original Mix) [Nurvous Records] 14. Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela - Derek (Original Mix) [Melisma]

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