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Alien Abduction
April 01, 2012 01:31 AM PDT
A few years ago I underwent an Ayahuasca session and was induced into the world of shamanism. It was great except for the plant taking complete control of your body and mind proved a bit daunting around six months later when I had a flashback from my experience and trekked up into the local woods where I had an alien abduction experience. I was surrounding by probing Chinese Red Army soldiers inspecting my body and faced an attack of flying red dragons. I eventually returned intact from the forest, leaving a trail of floating light beings in my wake. As far as alien abudctions go I think that sometimes in today's music technology world, surrounded by weird bits of kit and flashing lights, the modern DJ is essentially flying a spaceship through the boundaries of the dimensions. I hope that this little mix will trancendentally induce you into the weird and wacky world of Wez G and that you yourselves might experience an enlightening moment or two upon your travels. You can read more about the alien abduction experience at http://wezg.blogspot.co.uk/2009/02/chinese-military-and-alien-abduction.html :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Heimat (Robag's Turmkolle Rekksmow) [Connaisseur Recordings] 2. Mario & Vidis - Changed feat. Ernesto (Soul Clap Remix) [Future Classic] 3. Sirenize - Everybody [Bedrock Records] 4. Jamie Jones, Hot Natured, Lee Foss - B4 The Bentley (Original Mix) [Hot Creations] 5. Sasse & Stelios Vassiloudis - Benedict [Bedrock Records] 6. Djuma Soundsystem - Blizzard (Hardfloor Remix 2) [SOUNDZ] 7. Eastmen - U Dig (Loco Dice Remix) [Soma Records] 8. Matthias Meyer - More Or Less feat. Christopher Groove (Original Mix) [Cecille] 9. Federico Monachesi - Neptune (Original Mix) [Iboga Mexico] 10. Trentemoller - Shades Of Marble (KiNK Remix) [Push Communications] 11. Robert Babicz - Echo From The Past [Bedrock Records] 12. Christian Smith, Florian Meindl - Mothership (Original Mix) [Tronic] 13. Rikesto - Un Viaje Personal (Original Mix) [Iboga Mexico] 14. Dosem - How Do You Do It [Bedrock Records] 15. Soy Mustafa - Return Of The Anunnaki (John Tejada Remix) [Cinematic Recordings] 16. Jonatan Ramonda - Heal Transparency (Original Mix) [Iboga Mexico] 17. DJ Sneak - Babylon Fallin' (Original Mix) [Cecille]
Coffee And Gossip
March 21, 2012 11:56 AM PDT
Nothing like a midmorning natter with caffeine flowing through your veins. Catch up on the weekend's events, look forward to the week ahead, find out the latest goss, everyone loves their coffee break. This funky little mix starts with some classics and works its way through a funk agenda to Joey Negro at the finale, working in three of the latest Wez G productions to boot. Sip up and enjoy! :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Abc - The Look Of Love (US Remix) [New State Music] 2. Definition Of Sound - Moira Jane's Café (E-Smoove's Groovy Mix) [New State Music] 3. The Mekanism - Missing Love (Original Mix) [Needwant] 4. Seuil, dOP - Don't Trust (Original Mix) [Circus Company] 5. Georgia Girl, Fletcher Joseph - Moonlight (Original Mix) [Act Natural Records] 6. Subb-an - Take You Back (Original Mix) [Spectral Sound] 7. Maya Jane Coles - What They Say (Dyed Soundorom Remix) [Real Tone Records] 8. Moodtrap - Make It Right (Original Mix) [Tsuba] 9. Beyoncé - End Of Time (Wez G Let Me Go Remix) [White] 10. Gavin Herlihy - Tell Me What You Need (Geddes' 928 Remix) [Culprit] 11. Claude VonStroke, Jaw - Le Fantôme (Original Mix) [dirtybird] 12. Claytonsane - Namanga (Wez G Strip It down Tribal Remix) [MyCore Records] 13. Sasha, James Teej - As You Fall (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth] 14. Poussez - Vermouth, Sunshine And Codeine (Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist Remix) [Pins and Needles] 15. Lofish - I Come Loudly (Wez G Cod & Chips Remix) [Stab Recordings] 16. Joey Negro, Foreal People - Feel Good 2 U (J Paul Getto Remix) [Z Records]
Spring Tides
March 08, 2012 01:50 AM PST
A mix to form part of the Wez G Seasonal Selection, this smooth chillout set flows like the sea across a warming coastline as we leave the winter behind us and embrace the Spring. We've had some lovely weather here in South Wales and the lambs are in the fields as indeed are the daffs... Turn on, Tune in and lay back and relax to some subliminal sounds. 1. MAREEKMIA - Insomnia (Original Mix) [Freedom Force Records] 2. Sop-Gradius -Khabarovsk Rain (Original Mix) [Emotion Recordings] 3. Quivver - In Your Boat (Reprise) [Bedrock Records] 4. Roni Be - Morning Coffee (Original Mix) [Grouper Recordings] 5. Minor Rain - Alone (Original Mix) [Loodma Recordings] 6. Arturo De Rena - If You Leave Me feat. IrenKA (Original Mix) [Emotion Recordings] 7. Tape Five - Tequila (Gardener Of Delight Extended Mix) [Jubilee Records] 8. Tom Tom Club - Love To Love You Baby (Tom Novy & The Gran' Flow Mix) [Caus-N-ff-ct Records] 9. Stelios Vassiloudis - I Burn like (Ambient Mix) [Bedrock Records] 10. Nick warren - In Search Of Silver [Bedrock Records] 11. Astro Raph - 2 People (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 12. Kazakov - That's Life (Original Mix) [Emotion Recordings] 13. Tvardovsky - Dancing Shadows (Original Mix) [Stereo Paradise] 14. Marco Bailey - Beaming (Downbeat Mix) [Bedrock Records] 15. Robert Babicz - Pink trees (On the Couch Journey Mix) [Bedrock Records] 16. Den Wave - Mars (Original Mix) [Playinbeat] 17. Of Norway - Song For Ava (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] 18. Dave Romans - Le Bonbon Arabe (Original Mix) [Emotion Recordings] 19. Nina Kraviz - Walking In The Night feat. Hard Ton (Original Mix) [Rekids] 20. King Roc & Dimitri Nakov - Jardin Nights (From Paris To Berlin Mix) [Bedrock Records]
What I Am
March 04, 2012 05:50 AM PST
Music is a great tool for expression. The music artist takes you on a journey,a rollercoaster ride of feelings and emotion. Descartes said 'Cogito Ergo Sum' - 'I think, therefore I am'. The musician thinks and then performs and his work, that all can hear, his art, becomes one with the audience. a Transferrance of energy occurs and the form of the art manifests itself in the feelings of those that listen. :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Thomas Smith - Retina Scan (Anthea Scholtz Delayed Remix) [Last Night On Earth] 2. Deepchild - Blackness Of The Sea feat. Andy B (Original Mix) [Future Classic] 3. Art Department - We Call Love feat. Soul Clap & Osunlade (DJ Harvey Remix) [Crosstown Rebels] 4. Phonique - The Good Track (Original Mix) [Dessous Recordings] 5. Trackheadz - I Believe In Freedom (Original Mix) [NRK] 6. Huxley - Let It Go (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] 7. Deetron - Collide (Original Mix) [Balance Music] 8. PolyRhythmic - PolyRhythmic (House Mix) [Tevo Howard Recordings] 9. Inxec, Mark Chambers - O' so (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Leftroom Records] 10. Hot Since 82 - Let It Ride (Original Mix) [Noir Music] 11. Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonely (Subb-an Remix) [Noir Music] 12. Brett Johnson, Bubba, Scoper - I'm Satisfied (Brett's World Of Nonsense Mix) [Classic Music Company] 13. Subb-an - Paris BeBe feat. JEF K (Original Mix) [Silver Network] 14. Gui Boratto - Paralelo (Solee Remix) [Parquet Recordings] 15. Orbital - Halcyon & On & On (Original Mix) [London Records] 16. Luke Chable - Foundation (Original Mix) [Mesmeric] 17. dBerrie - Rising Sun (Original Mix) [Muzik X Press]
Hot In The City
February 24, 2012 04:59 AM PST
Hot, sweaty city nights. The Urban Heat Island warms up the landmass and where to go but dancing in the smog-laced street, unless you happen to house it up in your nearest club. Hot In The City is a deep, funky, bang up-for-it mix, perfectly suited for your take on a city night out. 1. DJ T. - City Life feat. Cari Golden (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Get Physical Music] 2. iO, Goshva - Getaway (Original Mix) [Mulen Records] 3. Motor City Drum Ensemble - L.O.V.E. (DJ-Kicks) (Original Mix) [K7 Records] 4. Audiofly - Nothing To Undo (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings] 5. NTFO, Rhadow - Roots (Original Mix) [Sintope Digital] 6. Olene Kadar - Baby Keep It Up feat. D-Low (Pooley's Main Mix) [Lo:Rise] 7. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Was Bleibt (Jimpster Vocal Remix) [Connaisseur Recordings] 8. Maya Jane Coles - You (Edu Imbernon Remix) [Cr2 Records] 9. Kevin Saunderson - Future feat. Inner City (Kenny Larkin Tension Mix) [Defected] 10. Audiojack - Get Serious (Original Mix) [2020Vision] 11. Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba - Punset (Solomun Remix) [Eklektisch] 12. Cavalier - Kaimanawa (Original Mix) [Drumpoet Community] 13. Thugfucker, Tale Of Us, Life And Death - Step Aside (Lightweight) Feat. Scott McCloud (Original Mix) [Visionquest] 14. Maya Jane Coles - Bubbler (Original Mix) [Loco Records Supreme] 15. Dominik Eulberg - Die 3 Millionen Musketiere (Gabriel Ananda "Kleines Woelkchen" Remix) [Traum] 16. John Julius Knight - Larry's Jam (Original Mix) [Blacklist]
February 04, 2012 08:43 AM PST
Back in my (younger) clubbing days I can remember watching a drug awareness video. They put a load of rats in a box, gave some of them speed which caused them to run around crazily hyperactive. The ones they gave ecstasy also sped up, but ran around the box edges in nice neat continuous circles. The E'd up Rats were following one of the most basic of symmetrical desires. This mix has a nice circular flow to the beats. I'm not equating my audience with rodents, far from it;. Enjoy the full force of dance music as its supposed to feel, just remember not to touch any cheese or you might get electroshocked! :::TRACKLISTING::: 1. Dominik Eulberg - Der Tanz Der Gluehwuermchen (Kollektiv Turmstrasse "Dirt Glow" Remix) [Traum] 2. Pional - Where Eagles Dare (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation] 3. 6th Borough Project - Changin' (Original Mix) [Delusions Of Grandeur] 4. Bas Amro - Ten (Original Mix) [Freerange Records] 5. Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Because Music] 6. Maya Jane Coles - Little One (Original Mix) [2020Vision] 7. Robag Wruhme - Donnerkuppel (Original Mix) [Kompakt] 8. Timid Boy - The Jazz Club (Simon Beeston Remix) [Microzoo] 9. Tiefschwarz - Dominate My Sensations feat. Mama (Feos & Leicher Remix) [Souvenir Music] 10. 9west - Chasing Demons (Original Mix) [Dessous Recordings] 11. Kolsch - Opa (Original Mix) [Kompakt] 12. Paolo Mojo - Wasted Youth (Original Mix) [Deeperfect Records] 13. Ray Kajioka - Spark (Original Mix) [Kanzleramt] 14. Tale Of Us - Dark Song (Original Mix) [Visionquest] 15. Fergie - The Edge (Ian O'Donovan Remix) [Excentric Muzik] 16. Luke Abbott - Brazil (Slow Version) [Border Community] http://djwezg.com/djset51circles.html
Frosty Blue
January 21, 2012 05:32 AM PST
Frosty blue is a chillout mix, the 50th set in the Wez G DJ Mix series. We've had a mild winter though the frost is starting to bite right now. In Caldicot, where Wez G is based, only the River severn separates him from the hippest of chill towns, Bristol. It is the frosty blue of the river that keeps the muffled sounds of Massive ATtack from rising out constantly and you can even see Portishead from across the water. Both of these seminal trip hop bands are included on the mix as indeed are some other bighitters, interspersed with the latest upfront chill from Beatport. The chillout mixes have proved the most popular of all Wez G's mixes. To celebrate 50 mixes in the series look out for the special torrents of the whole series (so far) that will be floating about. 1. Erman Erim - Hypnagogia (Original Mix) [Beatwax Records] 2. Morcheeba - The Sea [Indochina] 3. Deep Fog - Infinity Life (Original Mix) [Mistiquemusic] 4. Deeper Connection - No More (Original Mix) [Sonata Recordings] 5. Flunk - On My Balcony [Kriztal] 6. Portishead - It's A Fire [Go! Beat] 7. Blue In Green - Rainy Streets (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 8. A Man Called Adam - Easter Song (Cafe Del Mar Vinyl Mix) [Other Records] 9. JK Soul - The Music (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 10. Massive Attack - The Hymn Of The Big Wheel [Virgin] 11. Blue In Green - Masquerade / The Night Watch (Mojo Rising Remix) [Cold Busted] 12. JK Soul - C (Radio Edit) [Fat Sound Records] 13. Marcus Koch - Smooth (Original Mix) [Plusquam Records] 14. 80s Casual - Fiesta (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 15. Roni Be - Kamari Vibes (Original Mix) [Grouper Recordings] 16. Gramatik - Dungeon Sound (Original Mix) [Cold Busted] 17. Omegaman - Skankin' Riddem (Original Mix) [Super Hi-Fi] 18. XL - Take 5 (Kool Summer Mix) [UCA] 19. Unclubbed, Kim Wayman - We Are The People (Original Mix) [New State Music] 20. Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (TJK Edit) [Strictly Rhythm] http://djwezg.com/djset50frostyblue.html
Ghost In The Bed
January 14, 2012 11:33 PM PST
Mixing this haunted house made me think of a ghost under the covers with me. Twisted tech with minimal vocals, the mix builds to a crescendo with an old reworked classic, Jaydee - Plastic Dreams, which was one of my Shuffle DJ partner (Damo)'s signature tunes back in the day when we rocked the best of the country's dancefloors from the tip to the toe of the Uk. 1. Dual Shaman - Ocean Breeze (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) [Wolfskuil] 2. Maceo Plex - Under The Sheets (Original Mix) [No.19 Music] 3. Audiojackerz - I Dont Know U (Original Mix) [Kushtee Deep] 4. Zoo Brazil - Slob (Nick Curly Remix) [SCI + TEC Digital Audio] 5. Deetron - Starblazer (Original Mix) [Rejected] 6. Tim Green - Lemon (Original mix) [Cocoon Recordings] 7. Olivier Giacomotto - Feed The Beats (Original Mix) [Definitive Recordings] 8. Aril Brikha - Palma (Original Mix) [Art Of Vengeance] 9. Fabian Argomedo - Fire (Original Mix) [Snatch! Records] 10. Audiomatiques - Talcum Powder (Original Mix) [MKT Records] 11. Wise D & Kobe - Horns (Original Mix) [South American Grooves] 12. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Koen Groeneveld Remix) [Spinnin' Records] 13. Keith Carnal - Make You Mine (Original Mix) [Hotfingers] 14. Stephen Advance & Daniel Orcam - Demon From The Dark (Original Mix) [Drugstore Records]
Jack Attack
December 27, 2011 07:18 PM PST
Jacking your body has always been a part of house music and this mix has a few 'Jack' references. My own interpretation of the required picture and actual mix name comes from one of my greatest Christmas presents back in the day. Jack Attack was the essential game for the Commodore 64 and as little red Jack you could hop about platforms and squash baddies. What it has to do with house-jacking God only knows... The mix flows about with some nice upfront deep techy tunes, cut up rather rustily due to my break from the decks in recent months, but culminating nicely in some lush hammered-out Inner City Vocals. Enjoy! And have a Merry Christmas! 1. Maceo Plex - Bring It Back (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels] 2. Balcazar & Sordo - Black Panties [Dirt Crew Recordings] 3. Joe Goddard - Gabriel feat. Valentina (Original Mix) [Greco-Roman] 4. Jet Project, Electric J - Alright (Homework Remix) [Snatch! Records] 5. Phil Kieran, Green Velvet - Michael Jackson (Jamie Jones Edit) [Phil Kieran Recordings] 6. Uner - Nuribo (Audiojack Remix) [Gruuv] 7. Tim Deluxe - Transformation (Original Mix) [Get Human] 8. Maetrik - Revenge Of Jack (Original Mix) [Truesoul] 9. Terence Fixmer - Le Terrible (Original Mix) [Electric Deluxe] 10. Maetrik - The Entity (Original Mix) [Truesoul] 11. Gerd - Palm Leaves (Deetron Remix) [Clone Royal Oak] 12. Subb-an - This Place (Original Mix) [Saved Records] 13. Kevin Saunderson - Future feat. Inner City (Deep See Sound System Mix) [Defected] 14. Maurizio Gubellini, Dyor - Loving You (Gianluca Motta Remix) [High Contrast Nu Breed (Be Yourself Music)] http://djwezg.com/djset48jackattack.html
Little Disco Biscuit
September 29, 2011 10:35 AM PDT
The best time for dance music in my opinion was the early 1990s. It was the heyday of the Rave Scene and dancefloors were packed with sky high dancing bods. The reason I like this period is not that the floors were filled with ecstasy takers, but that the music was at its peak. Dubby loops of bass and funk with a constant circular rhythm in the tents and clubs drove the E'd up crowd into a frenzy. The beats suited the experience of everyone - It was total unity and I think that over the years as the government has killed off the scene with various parliamentary acts (eg Criminal Justice Act 1994) and the total media frenzied attack on ecstasy, claiming it killed you, and the general shift towards commercialism and business, moved the music towards a different direction. Of course, post 1997 - even the dealers were selling ketamine and calling it ecstasy...It's as if the disco biscuits disappeared overnight. I think on the music front the DJs forgot the buzz which caused the whole vibe and we saw a scattering of genres and pigeonholing and musical snobbery... Well - a couple of decades on from that and digging about on Beatport, I noticed a trend back towards the old style music. Loops of bass hooks and that driving groove have reappeared. It's that old Italian sound which is so inspiring. Now most of it seems to be categorised as techno or deep house... but it seems the same old stuff that DJs from Laurent Garnier to Easygroove, from Carl Cox to Sasha, all used to bang out. In this mix I've cut up a few old tracks with the new flavours plus slipped in a special edit from a live Universe Rave that took place only a few miles away from me in Magor in South Wales in the summer of 1992... In the news recently there have been claims that Ecstasy cures cancer 100% guaranteed so maybe the pop idol generation will be ditching X-Factor, slipping on their shiny shirts and getting back to a diet of disco biscuits... Who knows? As long as good music thrives and Simon Cowell goes bankrupt I don't mind one little bit. TRACKLISTING: 1. Vangelis - Blush Response [East West] 2. Joe T Vannelli - Prelude (Scalambrin & Sicily Island Style Remix) [Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings] 3. Larse - For Real (Original Mix) [Noir Music] 4. Alain Ho - Into A Deep (Hot Toddy Remix) [The Exquisite Pain Recordings] 5. Brigante, Ali Love, Luca C - Different Morals (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] 6. Alexis Raphael - Kitchens and Bedrooms (Richy Ahmed vs Volante Mix) [Lower East] 7. Ribn - Save Me (Vocal Version) [Mild Pitch] 8. Pig & Dan - The Path (Original Mix) [Balushi] 9. Mark Henning, Den - Sin City (Original Mix) [Soma Records] 10. Brooklyn Friends, Satoshi Tomiie, David Morales - Obedience (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves] 11. Rhymos - Ivory (Original Mix) [Sintope Digital] 12. Nush - Nush (Sasha & MC Joe Peng Universe 1992 Excerpt) [White] 13. Audiojack - Mind Games (Original Mix) [Gruuv] 14. Nathan Barato - Sex (Bubba Adults Only Remix) [Roots And Wings Music] 15. Gregor Tresher - Lights From The Inside (Dosem Remix) [Break New Soil Recordings] 16. Jody Wisternoff - Vintage (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep] 17. Dilemma - In Spirit (Biff 'n' Memphis Mix) [FFRR} 18. Vangelis - Blush Response [East West] http://djwezg.com/djset47littlediscobiscuit.html

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